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cad drafting Services

We Develop Amazing Luxury floor plans, elevations, advance utility plans and rendering for elevation and interior designs, commercial structures, residential buildings, government buildings, educational institutions, and hospital projects. We provide our expertise services to elevate your dream project to reality.



As Built Drawings for all existing lay-out or buildings

We offer a comprehensive range of drafting, design, and architectural services for professionals, corporate clients, and entrepreneurs.

  • 2D & 3D drawings

  • FMB Drawings

  • Layout drawing

  • House Plan drawing

  • Space Plan designing

  • Structural drafting works

  • All kinds of modification works for the existing projects

  • Wood work designs for Commercial buildings

  • Commercial building designs

  • As built drawing

  • Warehouse drawing.

Floor Plan:

Includes interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, wall openings, columns, fixed casework, plumbing fixtures, stairs and elevators.

Elevation Interior & Exterior:

Includes siding, attached structures, equipment, decorative ornamentation, trim, doors and windows, and key dimensions including floor to ceiling heights and header heights.

Section plan:

Cut through view of the structure from foundation through roof. Includes walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings and observable major structural elements only. Requires a floor plan.

Reflected Ceiling Plans:

Includes lighting, moulding, ornamentation, HVAC registers, soffits, exposed beams, and skylights. Requires a floor plan.

Fire Protection Plans:

Includes fire sprinklers, fire sprinkler valves, fire extinguishers, fire hose, fire hose cabinets, and sprinkler supply mains. Requires a floor plan.

Roof Plan:

Roof outline with valleys, ridges, hips, slope drainage, parapet walls, and mechanical equipment and visible HVAC ducting.

 Power & Data plans:

Includes receptacles, switches, control panels, and communication devices. No wire diagram. Requires a floor plan.

Path of Travel/Site Plans:

Delineation of unobstructed access to the building including sidewalks, parking, building entrance and public restrooms. Also includes sink, toilet, fountains and public telephone heights. Requires a floor plan.

MSB Special drawings:

  • Emergency Escape Layout.

  • Fire Alarm System Layout

  • Public Address System Layout

  • CCTV - Surveillance Layout

  • Access control system Layout

Government Approval drawings for:

  • Layout Approval

  • Building Plan Approval

  • Industrial Building

  • Commercial Buildings,

  • Marriage Halls, School and Colleges

Interior Designs

We can draft customized interiors for residential projects, shopping centers, offices, hotel and restaurants, institutions and many projects. Our solutions for interior designers starts at development stage.


2D & 3D Drafting & Designing works

We provides mechanical drafting services, including 2D and 3D design and conception drawing solutions to specify the manufacturing and assembling of products.



Electrical drawing to show information about power, lighting, and communication for an engineering or architectural project. Any electrical working drawing consists of “lines, symbols, dimensions and notations accurately convey engineering design to the workers.

Electrical Drafting is the representation of electric schematic design which supports engineers in the field of electrical and Electronics such as power line cabling for power house and computers to the communication network. Manufacturing circuitry; computer-aided drafting (CAD) and electrical systems specification interpretation for drafting construction organizations.

The part of drafting has been extended to next level with two-dimensional drafting and three-dimensional drawings with more technical details.

  • Electrical Circuit Drawing

  • Electric Lighting Drawing

  • Electric raceway drawing

  • SLD Drawing

  • Electrical cable routing Drawing

  • Transformers 3D drawings:

  • All kinds of 2D & 3D drawings

The part of drafting been extended to next level with two-dimensional drafting and three-dimensional rendering, modeling drawings with more technical efforts we at SRM Design Solution brings them together produce you with 100% accuracy.

cad Drafting & Designing works

  • Product Design

  • Machine Drawing

  • HVAC Layout

  • Fabrication Drawing

  • Structural Layout

  • Conceptual Design

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Mechanical Drawings & Drafting

  • Mechanical Engineering Drawings

  • Creating Mechanical Components and to Revit MEP.