What We Do

What We Do?

Sketch to CAD

Get highly accurate CAD drawings from paper plans and Images or handwritten sketch or markups.

2D CAD Digitization

At SRM, we adopt all softwares for 2D CAD and have the reputation of delivering Mechanical 2D conversions with highest quality.

Layout Drawings

Most simple of all the drawings, however we help you define the scope for assembly or fabrication drawings from the layout drawings.

General Arrangement Drawings

Our team is fully equipped to cover your first basis project layout so that you can work on development efficiently.

Equipment Layout Drawings

Whether you have a huge plant on ground or a petroleum refinery, SRM has the expertise to carefully understand and draft the piping plan on basis of conditions laid down by the client for the plant.

Detailed shop Drawings

From steel to acrylic to any material, our pre fabrication design and drafting team works tirelessly to get you the right shop drawing with all the essentials addressed.

Fabrication Drawings

Once you have the detailed shop drawings from us, our fabrication drafting team helps you define various parts and provide coding and listing for the same on the drawing.

Assembly Drawings

We not only include components and parts used in the assembly, but also provide references and codes to other drawing sets within the enterprise.


We follow ASME and other international standards as requested for our GD&T drawings.